Gran Hotel Lima

Constructed in 1890, it was rebuilt in 1905 when became property of the family Orezzoli, annexed another property and increasing an additional floor. At this time, Abancay Avenue was called street of Santa Maria , having be its previous name in century XVIII Lucio street , for the name of the family that lived in this reconciled property. 

Abancay by then was a narrow street with vicinity houses, then did not exist the economy ministry, constructed during the government of president Odria. In 1947 “Gran Hotel” moved to this property because it's previous terrain was demolished to construct the “Banco de Credito”, in 1972 the property was recognized like historical monument due to its very representative republican style of the "belle epoque" and to its good state of condition.

The hotel works in the 3 floors, of the property occupying almost 80% of the area available of first stage and the 100% of the second and third. The hotel features 80 rooms and offer services of comfort and economy to the national and foreign user, it also has special rooms for the handicapped.